2018 Workloading Workshop Series

Level One - Understanding basic workloading

2018 Workloading Workshop Series

Level Two - Effective workloading skills

2018 Workloading Workshop Series

Level Three - Workloading management effectiveness skills

Its all about the workloading!
2018 Workloading Workshop Series


 The purpose of The Workloading Workshop Series is to enhance and further develop leadership throughout the cleaning industry. The Workloading Workshop Series provides opportunities for professionals to increase their awareness of industry issues, to learn the skills necessary to workload the cleaning function with today's challenges, and to discover the inner workloader within each of us.

The Workloading Workshop Series is the result of 20 years of implementing standardized cleaning processes in the cleaning Industry. Learn how to calculate staffing, workload to teams and specialists, adjust staffing based on real actual custodial staffing scenarios. Understand how cleaning workloading affects your organization.  

LEVEL ONE:  Introduction to Basic Workloading - Use of Google G-Suite for Workloading

This program helps you understand basic custodial workloading, making individuals and leaders more effective. This level helps participants understand their current level of competency. Participants will discover current strengths and weaknesses that impacts workloading. This level includes a brief examination identifying participants opportunities for growth. 

Skills Learned

  • Learn basic workloading skills that lead to better practices, yielding more productive results
  • Focus on understanding the current tools and resources available
  • Develop basic workloading skills
  • Learn how to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Leverage current resources effectively
  • Establish valuable, lasting professional relationships with your fellow participants

LEVEL TWO:  Effective Workloading Skills Workshop

Effective managers use workloading skills to communicate expectations of work to those they work with. This Level focuses on understanding the dynamics of workloading, successful ways to handle real life workloading situations, and processes that can be used to support successful workloading efforts. Level II will help you hone the skills needed to make you an effective workloader, and an effective manager.

Skills Learned

  • Increase awareness and knowledge of how to complete workloading to enhance your efficiency, service levels, and overall results
  • Understand how to use a process to collect workloading information 
  • Learn methods for effectively creating staffing
  • Master strategies for team cleaning
  • Determine when customizing teams are appropriate and beneficial
  • Learn how color coding can be used to differentiate specialists from generalists 
  • Understand how proper workloading affects your organization
  • Learn definitions of terms use by professional workloading organizations

LEVEL THREE:  Workload Management Effectiveness Skills

In level Three, participants develop and strengthen workloading skills while learning basic principles of workloading effectiveness. Attendees experience a dynamic learning environment by participating in the cleaning function, utilizing workloading to clean actual buildings, and understand the cleaning needs of buildings on an actual campus . The content of this program builds upon Level One and skills developed in Level Two.

Skills Learned

  • Expand workloading skills while learning principles for organizational and managerial efficacy of the cleaning function
  • The most effective way to determine if workloading is correct for the job to be done
  • How to align the four essential specialists that create clean and healthy environments
  • How cleaning is executed at the cleaning level
  • Core Workloading Processes
  • How customer feedback affects workloading of cleaning
  • How to connect the work of the team to the organization's goals and budget
  • Learn how to change zone and area culture to team culture tactics