Cleaning Management Concepts LLC is a business management consulting company for

the commercial cleaning industry. The company was established by Tim Poskin, who has

over twenty years experience implementing standardized systems and processes in the

Jan/San Industry.


Our largest project was creating the workloading methodology for one of the largest

government entities in the world. The study established a model and formula for updating

standardized cleaning times and converting to team cleaning. We have been involved in

projects of all sizes and industry type including higher education, government, corporate,

retail, and others.  Our work has had direct impact on the cleaning industry. By working

with you and creating predictable outcomes we have created successes that change

peoples lives.  We provide executive level custodial management consulting and training

for facility directors, managers, building service contractor owners and CEO’s.  Using the

high performance cleaning model is widely accepted and allows adopters to achieve best

in class results.  We teach and help you implement the systems into your cleaning

organization. Our mission is to help people improve their cleaning industries through trust,

respect and integrity.

Customer responses and benefits of the program

You enabled us to change our custodial department from continuous budget cuts and uncertainty to a department the university is investing in 

We don’t fall for cleaning product that don't work anymore.

You helped us improve the budget. We have a better understand of what the budget should be.

You helped us change the culture of our custodians from fear based to satisfied job fulfillment, from chaotic to stable.

You helped to see the big picture. Improve continuity and function.